Selenium ACE, Selenium with additional vitamins A, C, and E, has been part of my family history since I was a teenager.


My mother was introduced to Selenium ACE by a family friend, who was a veterinary surgeon.  Now I am not qualified to make any health claims as to the medical benefits of taking Selenium ACE.  My endorsement of this product has been based solely on the anecdotal account, of my 63 years’ life without any serious health issues, my mother’s survival of breast cancer, and probably my Labrador dog’s longevity.  The average expectancy of a Labrador is between 10 and 14 years – he died just after his 16th birthday.


Simply put, Selenium is one of the most important trace elements in your diet.  Our bodies cannot produce it, but it is an essential micro-nutrient for maintenance of good bodily health.  It helps the vital hormone gland, the thyroid, to regulate many bodily functions, including the metabolism, immune system, and prevent the damage which free radicals can cause to our DNA, ie cancer.


Now you may well ask how does Selenium in my diet help me achieve my ‘target weight’ loss/maintenance.  Well the clue here is the thyroid’s role in maintaining the metabolism.  If you have low levels of Selenium, then your metabolism slows down, with the inevitable result of weight gain.  Now there are other reasons for the metabolism to slow down, like restricting your calorific intake too drastically, but we will not go in to that in this article.  The point is that Selenium is an essential micro-nutrient that our body needs to function healthily.


The World Health Organization’s recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Selenium is 70-350 micrograms a day for adults.  In an ideal world, if we eat a healthy balanced diet containing fresh green vegetables, fish, meat or vegetarian/vegan alternatives, and avoid fried, ‘fast’ food, and processed foods with a high Glycemic Index, such as refined carbohydrates, and sugar, we should be able to meet the RDA for Selenium.  But the pressures placed upon us trying to meet the demands of the work/life balance, mean that more often than not, we compromise on the preparation and cooking of all our food from fresh ingredients.  Consequently, many of the vital vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients, essential for maintaining good bodily health, are lost.


So should we consider supplementing our diet with additional vitamins, minerals, and trace elements such as Selenium.  Well I cannot answer that question: only you know whether or not your diet is meeting all the needs from raw or freshly cooked ingredients.  If the honest answer is ‘no,’ as I suspect, then perhaps you should consider a basic supplement such as Selenium ACE.


Although there are other suppliers, I have sourced a  UK company that produces Selenium ACE which is not unrealistically overloaded in dosage, and reasonably priced, to save you the trouble searching yourself.  Just click on the link below.

I wish you all the best on your journey to the ‘target weight’ destination, of a happier, healthier ‘New You.’


Kind regards


John Atkins (Founder and Principal of Successful Slimmers)