Back in 1971, expert medical opinion was divided as to what constituted the best science for successful weight loss.

Among laymen, there were as many myths about weight loss as there were slimming celebrities and gurus.  But the conclusions reached by Olivia Atkins’ research and empirical study were somewhat unorthodox, in light of the then current medical and scientific opinion.  

Olivia Atkins found that a calorific reduction combined with exercise, to increase the metabolic rate, was not sufficient in itself for effective, and permanent weight loss.  This could only be achieved if dieters’ eating habits could be ‘normalized’ to a healthy, balanced pattern of eating.  So Olivia Atkins formulated a unique point-based reward system of eating – the ‘P-Number System.’  This obviated the need for calorie counting, strict diet regimes, and set menus, thus allowing dieters to normalize their eating patterns.  In 1981, the ‘P-Number System’ evolved into the ‘6-Day Diet,’ which allowed dieters a one day a week ‘diet-holiday,’ to further normalize eating behaviour.

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